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Spiritual Recordings

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Spiritual recordings have been divided into two categories: Prayers and Holy Readings. These recordings can be accessed in two ways. Either the user can choose a prayer or a holy reading to be played, or it can be included in one of the custom designed routines, perhaps as part of an evening routine, something that can help to create a prayerful mood.

Spiritual recordings can be created by the Caregiver or a family member and uploaded to Mon Ami™ through the Mon Ami™ Web Portal. Mon Ami™ can also draw from the library of stored Spiritual recordings on the Mon Ami™ Server.

Spiritual recordings can be included in Routines, which can then be scheduled at certain times during the day. For example, a Routine that is designed to wake a person up in the morning could begin with music playing softly, gradually increase the volume, followed by a spiritual recording that has meaning to the user. To learn more about Routines follow the link to see sample routines.

Spiritual Recordings Features: