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Services Offered by Mon Ami™

Mon Ami™ is an innovative, cost-effective, electronic appliance that acts as a life coach and facilitator, just like a live-in friend or companion, aiding both the seniors and their Caregivers in non-intrusive, courteous and non-technical ways.

Mon Ami™ offers a wide variety of services and functions normally performed by a Caregiver, thus offloading some of the Caregiver’s tasks by empowering the user to act independently. This gives all parties concerned the chance to improve the quality of their lives.

Mon Ami™ can assist seniors in remaining as independent as possible in their own homes by addressing safety and security concerns, as well as keeping the mind active, providing entertainment, issuing reminders for important events such as medical appointments or family gatherings, and activities such as taking medication on time, going to the bathroom regularly, or exercising.

In addition, the Caregiver (often a son or daughter) can call in from anywhere in the world via the Internet and access daily logs, control devices or communicate with the user.

Mon Ami™ is that friend and you do not have to imagine any more! Just follow the links to learn about the features that are currently available on Mon Ami™ which make it a unique electronic support and Caregiver system.


It is important to enjoy ourselves!  Mon Ami™ has many services that are fun to use which will (we hope) increase the quality of your life.


Mon Ami™ has made communicating with family and friends around the world easy and fun!


Mon Ami™ promotes organization in people’s lives, whether it is busy family with multiple children or an active couple in their senior years.

Life Stories

“A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever.”  In that way, memories are what defines our lives, who we are, and where we came from.

Smart Home

What used to be limited to science fiction can now be made available in your home! Control or automate lighting and various appliances with the touch of a finger.

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