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A Day in the Life of a User

Let's pretend that you are a Mon Ami™ user.

Mon Ami™ can be easily tailored to do many personalized tasks for you.  If you are an early riser, she will start looking for you at your usual wake-up time, taking into consideration weekends and holidays.   In fact, you can ask Mon Ami to wake you at a fixed time in the morning.  She could start with soft gentle music or soothing sounds like wind chimes or bells.  The volume could be gradually increased.  Then she could prompt you with the date and the weather and if you were so inclined, tell you the latest headlines.   If you wished, she could then read out a list of the day’s events - birthdays, medical appointments or special programs.   If asked to do so, she could switch on the lights and your favourite Internet radio station.   If so configured she could turn on the coffee maker.   During breakfast she could help plan your day by again reminding you of all the day’s events.   She could check her lists and suggest that she order groceries and other items, online.

At 11:00 AM, she could perhaps suggest that an exercise session is in order and could play exercise themes so that you have your favourite exercise guru leading and guiding the exercises. She could, at the appropriate time, remind you to have your daily dose of vitamins or prescription pills.   She would ask for an acknowledgement and would keep reminding you at judicious and regular intervals about them until you acknowledged that you had taken them.

She could perhaps remind you to call a friend or relative to wish them “Happy Birthday” and on your say so, email them a birthday greeting song.

At lunchtime she could make suggestions about healthy and tasty menus.  She could propose a nap after lunch.   At the prescribed time she could wake you, this time perhaps with the sounds of nature!  Then she could offer to read to you a chapter from your favourite book or another topic of interest.  If asked to stop she would bookmark the section for continuing at a later time.  She could then ask to play trivia games with you, honing your skill and knowledge about diverse subjects ranging from personalities, politics and history to movies, helping to keep your mind and wits sharp.

She might ask you, as the evening approaches, whether you wanted to send someone an email.   If so, she could record your message and email this to the intended recipient anywhere around the world.  She would then read back their response to you, when it arrived.   If a loved one or Caregiver were to call, they could speak to you directy using Mon Ami's Video Chat Link.

She could then ask if you wanted to record your memoirs, prompting you with questions that your children or other relatives might want answered, and recording your responses for posterity.  Example questions could be, “Please tell me about the city you grew up in”.   These memoirs would be dated logged and catalogued.

She could, on demand, entertain you with jokes, stories and curious facts.   She could even read sections from the Bible or Holy Book and accompany you in prayer.

At the end of the day she could remind you about the day’s events.   She could forward a log of your day’s activities to the person of your choice.   While you slept, she could monitor your sleep patterns and the security of the home and would take care of any emergencies if they arose, contacting the appropriate people immediately.

As she is connected to the Internet via encrypted secure channels, she can access information, interface with doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, thus potentially drawing upon resources that have been impossible before now. She can retrieve plays, audio books, and movies and bring the world to your doorstep.

Although this may seem like a scene from the Jetsons (Science Fiction), Mon Ami™ is real and available today - ready to serve you.   She can do all of the above and a lot, lot more...

Remember with Mon Ami you never need to be alone again!

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