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Connecting with the outside world can become increasingly difficult for aging seniors. Mon Ami™ can assist the user to communicate with family and friends and their community through easy to use email, voice chat, reminders and voicemail. In some cases, a suggestion from a friend (in this case, Mon Ami™) can mean the difference between making a phone call or not, attending an event or not. This can help to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Mon Ami™ can help with communication by:

Reminding the user about the birthdays, anniversaries and special days in the lives of family and friends so that they can reach out by sending a card, calling or sending an email

Reminding the user about events that are of interest to them that they could attend

Suggesting a time for daily exercising or getting outside to go for a walk or do some gardening

Suggesting that the user call a friend to see how they are

Reminding the user that a friend or family member will be picking them up so that they can attend a special function

Enabling the user to connect with the caregiver, family members, friends or anybody else through voicemail by using a simple button touch

Hearing the voices of family members who can respond to the voicemail with a recording of their own voice

Hearing the voices of family members when they provide specific themes and questions that they would like to hear the answers to in the memoir feature of Mon Ami™

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