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Applications of Mon Ami™

When Mon Ami™ was first envisioned, we believed that the following criteria were essential:

Mon Ami™ easily fits into and improves the daily life in all of the applications listed below.

Active Aging

Supports activities of daily living through verbal reminders, shared calendar and automated routines. Offers an added dimension of interest and fun!

Smart Home

Acts effectively as the heart of a Smart Home, allowing users or Caregivers to activate devices as part of a schedule or remotely; highly customizable.

Assisted Living Facilities

Important tool in promoting well-being of residents; also helps managements and reduces load of caregiver, nurses and other staff.

Rehabilitation Support

Use the services of Mon Ami™ as the backbone for rehab support; for the person, their caregivers, family members and professional healthcare workers.

Persons with Special Needs

Mon Ami™ can be tailored to suit your unique situation, involving family and friends as needs and preferences dictate. Provides endless possibilities for enriched life experiences.

Assisting Caregivers

Can provide a link between family, friends and caregiver agency; can be used to educate and inform client; multiple caregivers can easily synchronize schedules and appointments.

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