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Routines are another very important feature of Mon Ami™ that allow you to combine the power of the reminder services with the functionality of a smart home.  They can be scheduled to run at a specific date and time or activated on demand.  Below to is a sample routine:

Morning Routine:

Good morning phrase

Quiet music

Today’s date and time

Suggestion about the day's first task

Increase volume of music

Repeat reminder

Music a little louder

Reminder about the next task

More music

Repeat reminder

Afternoon Routine

Suggestion to do exercises

Play music

Give encouragement

Start with exercise routine that includes music (this could be a recording)

Finish with encouraging phrases

After-dinner Routine

Suggestion about a favourite TV or radio program or reading a book

Bedtime Routine

Reminder about bedtime

Reminder to take medication

Turn light on in bedroom

Play soft music

Suggestions about bathroom routine

More music

Turn off light

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