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With Mon Ami™, the user can tap into the countless number of Internet radio stations that have sprung up worldwide. Those who come from another country can listen to news from back home.

Mon Ami™'s Internet Radio service makes listening to the radio as simple as touching a button or two on Mon Ami™. The user can easily switch from one radio station to another.

The list of Internet radio stations can be remotely managed from the Mon Ami™ Web Portal.

Mon Ami™ can automatically connect to a pre-determined Internet radio station using Routines, which can then be scheduled at a certain time on a certain day. For example, a Routine could be set up to start at 11:59 am every Tuesday, beginning with a personal message such as 'Mom, your radio program, 'The Sky's the Limit" is about to begin. It will last for one hour."' Then Mon Ami™ would connect to the Internet radio station and leave it on for one hour, after which there could be another personal message. Then Mon Ami would automatically disconnect from the Internet radio station.

Internet Radio Features: