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Controlling Lights and Appliances

The user can choose to have certain lights or appliances automatically switched on and off at pre-determined times either every day or one or more days each week. More than one time of day may be selected.

The schedule for the light or appliance can be set up using Mon Ami™ Pad or by using the method that is available through the Mon Ami™ Web Portal.

Controlling lights or appliances through Mon Ami™ is made possible by having the device plugged into a special smart controller. Each controller will be assigned to one device. There is no limit to the number of devices that can be controlled by Mon Ami™. Each household will have its own list of devices that are controlled by Mon Ami™. These can include lamps, fans, drapery controllers, and any other device that is plugged into a standard power outlet.

Features of Lights/Appliance Control:

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