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A Message from the Creator of Mon Ami™

The idea for Mon Ami™ originated as a result of a caregiving situation that occurred in our family, creating a need that has resulted in us inventing an electronic companion that we call Amber.  Initially we created it for our own use because we could not find a comprehensive, affordable system anywhere that would do what we needed for our family.  The initial requirements were to care for the caregiver, support the persons being looked after, and reduce the stress of all concerned, while at the same time, enhancing the quality of life in a way that was not possible by conventional means, into the daily routines of the family.  This was achieved by automating the activities of daily living where it made sense, connecting family and friends through the myriad connectivity options that we now have in the 21st Century.  Most important of all we made Mon Ami™ easy and fun to use.

Over the years Mon Ami™ has sparked the interest of many people and institutions such as the Ontario Centres of Excellence, HTX, Seneca College and the University of Guelph to name a few.  Their encouragement and support in extending Mon Ami™ has been invaluable in our work to bring it to you.  We are indebted to so many people for their feedback – truly we stand on the shoulders of Giants!

Using the numerous services of Mon Ami™ is a snap!  Just invoke the service you want by touching the appropriate screen image and then answer a few simple questions.  All the rest is taken care of by Mon Ami™.  She and her host of Avatars ans Sprites tirelessly work in the background doing their best to make your life as easy and as comfortable as possible Mon Ami™.

We use Mon Ami™ on a daily basis and know how much we rely on her!  We trust that you will have as much fun with Mon Ami™ as many others have done and that it will open new vistas for you, besides making your life more structured as well as mitigating stress and loneliness.

We are constantly enhancing Mon Ami™ for you and for ourselves.  So, by introducing Mon Ami™ into your life, we hope that you will accompany us on this journey through life with our electronic friend, Amber.  

PS:   We call her Amber, but you can call her anything you like!