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Inspirational Recordings

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Inspirational recordings have been divided into two categories: Wisdom and Meditations. These recordings can be accessed in two ways. Either the user can choose to play one of the recordings of wisdom or a meditation, or one of the recordings can be included in one of the custom designed routines, perhaps as part of an evening routine, something that can help to create an uplifting mood.

Inspirational recordings can be created by the Caregiver or a family member and uploaded to Mon Ami™ through the Mon Ami™ Web Portal. Mon Ami™ can also draw from the library of stored Inspirational recordings on the Mon Ami™ Server.

Inspirational recordings can be included in Routines, which can then be scheduled at certain times during the day. For example, a Routine that is designed to play in the evening could begin with music playing softly, gradually increase the volume, followed by an inspirational recording that has meaning to the user. To learn more about Routines follow the link to see sample routines.

Inspirational Recordings Features:

Increase or decrease the volume of the inspirational recording by touching a button

Move ahead or back in the recording by touching a button

The recording can be temporarily paused if the phone or doorbell rings

Inspirational recordings can be included in Routines that are created using the Mon Ami™ Web Portal